How to Install Dexecure on WordPress Sites

How to Install Dexecure on WordPress Sites

Written by Inian Parameshwaran
Last update: Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019

Follow the below steps to install Dexecure if your site is using WordPress.

 Dexecure Setup

  1. Login to Dexecure Dashboard and create a Dexecure domain at
  2. Go to the website and add the domain you want to optimize.
  3. Once you add a domain in the dashboard, you would get a Dexecure domain like

WordPress Setup

  1. Install a plugin which lets you enable a CDN on your Wordpress website. Supported plugins include
  2. Enter the Dexecure domain obtained from the previous step into the settings page of the Wordpress plugin.

That's it! Dexecure is installed now.

Installation Guides

Integrate Dexecure with your website

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