Available Optimisation Modes

Available Optimisation Modes

Written by Inian Parameshwaran
Last update: Thursday, Sep 30, 2021

Dexecure provides several different optimisation levels to customise your assets. The ?opt=parameter can be used to configure optimisation level.



When no ?opt= parameter is provided, Dexecure will perform all optimisations on your assets. This results in assets to be the ideal quality required for each device type. This mode can also be requested by ?opt=default


This mode performs only lossless optimisations. i.e. the optimised image will have no difference in quality compared to the original. Attributes like metadata, ICC profile are removed. Auto resizing is also not done. Requested by ?opt=mild


Performs more aggressive optimisations to significantly reduce file sizes. Requested by ?opt=aggressive


Use this mode to disable all optimisations performed by Dexecure. This will also disable auto resizing. It will just return the original image. Note that resize can still be done by providing resize parameter. Requested by ?opt=none

URL Configuration

Configure the behaviour of Dexecure via URL Query Parameters

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